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Have you ever found an old photo?

In a shoe box, wedged between ticket stubs and report cards. Or tucked between the pages of a dusty forgotten book. Perhaps even on an old USB drive all but lost in a cluttered desk drawer. It isn't so different than finding a little treasure from the past, as though someone was waiting for you to find it. A little story being told through what they were wearing. The way they were holding their child's hand. The eye contact. Always the eye contact, so electric or so distant, it says so much about that moment in time. The photograph you're looking at.

Love M Photography is about those story-telling moments.

Photographs are your love letters inscribed in the gift of images to your children, their children and all future generations.

My photography journey has been a lifelong passion, focused on the idea of preserving memories. I am an image maker, first, and second, being a digital artist enables me to tell your story fully.  It is my pleasure to help you commemorate your legacy, the story you lived, and the love you shared with those around you.

love, m.

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